1.       What is virtulearn.in?

It’s an online video streaming platform delivering education subjects focused on concept, based on cutting-edge audio/video technologies and animation.

2.       What Subjects are offered on this platform?

Initially, offered Subjects are recommended for Engineering (B.E/B Tech) students.

3.       How virtulearn.in is different from other video based Subjects?

virtulearn.in subjects are customized for specific University Syllabus so that all the topics in a subject are available in one place. It is designed keeping in view depth of coverage, conceptual understanding, and visualised explanation.

4.       Where can I buy these videos?

At www.virtulearn.in or Android mobile app virtulearn.in  available for download at Google Play Store.

5.       What payment methods are accepted?

Using Visa Debit or Credit Cards and Net banking

6.       Do you store the payment information?

No, we don’t store the Credit or Debit Card information. We use HDFC payment Gateway and they are responsible for the payment information.

7.       Where can I view these videos?

At www.virtulearn.in  or Android mobile app virtulearn.in

8.       Are these videos downloadable?

No, videos are not downloadable.

9.       Can these videos be viewed offline?

No, these videos can’t be viewed offline and internet is required to watch these videos.

10.   Which devices can I use to access these videos?

Any PC/Laptop which has an Internet Explorer/Google Chrome/Firefox browser. Any smart phone that runs on Android. The platform will not work on iPhone or iPad or Mac Computers.

11.   Are the Subjects available free of cost?

No, they are accessible based on per-subject price.

12.   How many times can I watch a purchased video?

Any number of times during the subscription validity period.

13.   How long can I view the video?

From the day a Subject is purchased, it can be viewed for 7 months.

14.   How is it useful?

A student can learn by watching these videos anytime, anywhere and any number of times.

15.   Does virtulearn.in give a pass guarantee?

No, but it certainly helps you to understand and retain the concept and score good marks.

16.   Does it replace text books and faculty?

No, it complements the existing education system and delivery mechanism.

17.   Can a subscription be transferred?

No, a video can be watched only from ONE Laptop or PC and ONE Mobile device which are registered with our platform.

18.   Can a subscription be renewed?

Yes, as per the rate card mentioned at the time of renewal.