Python Programming
    by Aman Jadon

1. Introduction to scripting language. 2. Learn about various problem solving methods using Python. 3. Introduction to various Syntax , Libraries and user friendliness of Python.


Recommended For : Who are interested to learn Python Programming

After Learning this subject,you should be able to

  • Importance of python in programming .
  • Understand various functions , Syntax and Libraries available in Python.
  • Should be able to write simple programs and Test cases.

Curriculum 08:48:27   units   |   6

  • 1:15:40

    UNIT 1
    Introduction: Introduction, History of Python, Need of Python Programming, Applications Basics of Python Programming Using the REPL(Shell), How to Install Python-Part1, How to Install Python-Part2, How to Install Python-Part3, How to Install Python-Part4, Running Python Scripts, Variables, Variables Part 1, Assignment, Keywords, Input-Output, Indentation

  • 1:04:36

    UNIT 2
    Types, Operators and Expressions: Types - Integers, Strings, Booleans, Operators- Arithmetic Operators, Comparison (Relational) Operators, Assignment Operators, Logical Operators, Bitwise Operators, Membership Operators, Identity Operators, Expressions and order of evaluations, Control Flow- if, if-elif-else, for, while, break, continue, pass

  • 2:12:16

    UNIT 3
    Data Structures: Indexing Using String, Lists - Operations, Lists - Operations Part - 1, Slicing, Slicing Part 1, Methods, Tuples, Sets, Dictionaries, Dictionaries Part - 1, Sequences, Comprehensions, Comprehensions Part 1

  • 1:14:08

    UNIT 4
    Functions: Introduction, Defining and Calling Functions, Passing Arguments, Keyword Arguments, Default & Variable Arguments, Recursive Function, Anonymous Functions, Fruitful Functions(Function Returning Values), Scope of the Variables in a Function -, Global and Local Variables., Modules, Modules Part 1, Modules Part 2, Creating modules, import statement, from. Import statement, name spacing, Python packages, Introduction to PIP, Packages Part 1, Packages Part 2, Installing Packages via PIP, Using Python Packages

  • 2:02:28

    UNIT 5
    Object Oriented Programming OOP in Python: Classes, self variable, Methods, Methods Part - 1, Constructor Method, Inheritance, Inheritance Part - 1, Inheritance Part - 2, Overriding Methods, Data hiding, Error and Exceptions, Difference between an error and Exception, Handling Exception, try except block, Raising Exceptions, User Defined Exceptions

  • 0:59:19

    UNIT 6
    Brief Tour of the Standard Library: Operating System Interface, String Pattern Matching, String Pattern Matching Part 1, Mathematics, Date & Time, Internet Access, Data Compression, Multithreading, GUI Programming, Turtle Graphics, Testing, Why testing is required ?, Basic concepts of testing, Unit testing in Python, Writing Test cases, Running Tests