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Course Description

The design and delivery, of course, is for those beginners who want to learn the absolute basics of the German Language. After learning and thoroughly practicing, a learner should be able to communicate at a basic level in language fluently.

Recommended For

Anybody willing to learn German


Learning Outcomes
    • This course is designed to make learners familiar with the German language.
    • A learner should be able to speak in the German language grammatically correct way, fluently.
    • Become familiar with culture, numbers, alphabets and simple sentences, and grammar.
    • Should be able to take training for a certification course post completing this course.


    • UNIT 1 Intoduction: Introduction to German Language, Introduction, German Alphabets, How to Spell words in German Language, Basic German Words, Numbers in German, Numbers in German Part 1, Numbers in German Part 2, Ordinal Numbers
    • UNIT 2 Greetings: Basic German greetings Part 1, Basic German greetings Part 2, Days of the Week in German, Color names in German, Adjectives & attributes, The Seasons in German, Greetings & Meal Timings In German
    • UNIT 3 Communication: Formal and Informal Questions and Answers, Formal and Informal Questions and Answers - Part 1, Professions In German, Professions In German - Part 1, Sports & Hobbies in German, Self Introduction In German, Conversation In German
    • UNIT 4 Grammar: Common German irregular verbs, Common German irregular verbs - Part 1, Common German irregular verbs - Part 2, Common German irregular verbs - Part 3, Modal Verbs, Modal Verbs - Part 1, Seperable Verbs, Seperable Verbs - Part 1, Basic German Nouns, Important Nouns, The Family Chat, The Family Chat Part 1, What are Personal Pronouns, What is a verb, The endings of Personal pronouns in German, Two types of questions, Two types of questions Part 1, German Irregular Verbs, German Irregular Verbs Part 1, Strong verbs, Strong verbs Part 1, Regular verbs without a prefix, Adjectives, Useful German Adjectives, Useful German Adjectives - Part 1, German Cognate Adjectives, German Prepositions
    • UNIT 5 Basic communication: How to say time in German, How to say time in German Part 1, Last Colloquial Phrases, Last Colloquial Phrases Part 1, Last Colloquial Phrases Part 2


Mrs Kannepalli S.Kumari

Mrs. Kannepalli S.Kumari is an experienced trainer in the English and German languages for over decades. She has trained many students in basic and advanced certification level courses for over several years in India and abroad. She is currently a faculty member of languages at Geetanjali Academy of Hyderabad.