Agile Project Delivery
    by Mr.Phalguna Ramaraju

Learners to know fundamental differences between traditional delivery model and Agile practice delivery in project management . Learn how to get increased project control , High product quality ,Reduce the risks, Faster Return on investment , Higher customer satisfaction with implementing Agile Practice Methodologies.

Code : AGPD

Recommended For : For all those in the software industry

After Learning this subject,you should be able to

  • Got the difference between traditional project delivery and Agile Project Delivery.
  • User stories , Lean / Kanban
  • Aware Benefits of Agile Practice
  • Master Agile Principles.
  • Learnt about User roles and strong personas.
  • Learnt about creating product backlogs ,Backlog review & Story map.
  • Thorough knowledge on Agile Development and Agile Project Management.

Curriculum 04:03:59   units   |   10

  • 0:22:14

    UNIT 1
    Introduction to Agile: Introduction to Agile, Process Control Models, Lean,Kanban & Agile, Usage of Features in a Product, Waterfall vs Agile, Agile Delivery Model, Waterfall & Agile Delivery, Still Stuck- Know More

  • 0:17:34

    UNIT 2
    Why Agile: Project Success Rates, Benefits of Adopting to Agile, Systems Thinking, Value Delivery in Agile, Still Stuck- Watch More

  • 0:26:47

    UNIT 3
    Becoming Agile: Becoming Agile, Agile Principles, Becoming Agile ? Embody the Principles, Growth Mindset, Still Stuck- Know More

  • 0:32:29

    UNIT 4
    Agile Methods & Frameworks: Agile Methods & Frameworks, A Simple Scrum Board, Scrum Elements, Kanban Method, Kanban System - Six Practices of Kanban, Stop Starting Start Finishing, Scrum vs Kanban, Still Stuck- Know More

  • 0:09:46

    UNIT 5
    Agile Practices: Agile Development Practices, Still Stuck- Know More

  • 0:28:23

    UNIT 6
    Building Agile Teams: Flow of Value to Customers, Learning Organization, Roles in Scrum, Still Stuck- Know More

  • 0:17:55

    UNIT 7
    Planning in Agile: Agile Project Planning, Product Vision, Product Road Map, User Roles & Personas, Still Stuck- Know More

  • 0:47:09

    UNIT 8
    Backlog Creation,Prioratization, and Estimating: Creating Product Backlog, Requirements in Agile, User Stories, Story Writing Workshop, Estimating in Agile, Estimating Backlog Items, Estimate Using Planning Poker, Backlog Review, Affinity Estimating, Story Map, Still Stuck- Know More

  • 0:10:54

    UNIT 9
    Release Planning in Agile: Release Planning, Release Planning Process, Still Stuck- Know More

  • 0:30:48

    UNIT 10
    Iteration and Iteration Execution: Iteration Planning, Iteration Execution, Iteration Inspect & Adaption - Demo, Iteration Retrospective, Still Stuck- Know More, Summary Module