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Course Description

Learn to know the fundamental differences between the traditional delivery model and agile practice delivery in project management. Learn how to get increased project control, high product quality, reduce the risks, faster returns on investment, higher customer satisfaction by implementing Agile practice methodologies.

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For all those in the software industry


Learning Outcomes
    • Understand the difference between traditional project delivery and Agile Project Delivery.
    • User stories, Lean / Kanban.
    • Aware benefits of Agile Practice.
    • Master Agile Principles.
    • Thorough knowledge of Agile Development and Agile Project Management.


    • UNIT 1 Introduction to Agile: Introduction to Agile, Process Control Models, Lean,Kanban & Agile, Usage of Features in a Product, Waterfall vs Agile, Agile Delivery Model, Waterfall & Agile Delivery, Still Stuck- Know More
    • UNIT 2 Why Agile: Project Success Rates, Benefits of Adopting to Agile, Systems Thinking, Value Delivery in Agile, Still Stuck- Watch More
    • UNIT 3 Becoming Agile: Becoming Agile, Agile Principles, Becoming Agile ? Embody the Principles, Growth Mindset, Still Stuck- Know More
    • UNIT 4 Agile Methods & Frameworks: Agile Methods & Frameworks, A Simple Scrum Board, Scrum Elements, Kanban Method, Kanban System - Six Practices of Kanban, Stop Starting Start Finishing, Scrum vs Kanban, Still Stuck- Know More
    • UNIT 5 Agile Practices: Agile Development Practices, Still Stuck- Know More
    • UNIT 6 Building Agile Teams: Flow of Value to Customers, Learning Organization, Roles in Scrum, Still Stuck- Know More
    • UNIT 7 Planning in Agile: Agile Project Planning, Product Vision, Product Road Map, User Roles & Personas, Still Stuck- Know More
    • UNIT 8 Backlog Creation,Prioratization, and Estimating: Creating Product Backlog, Requirements in Agile, User Stories, Story Writing Workshop, Estimating in Agile, Estimating Backlog Items, Estimate Using Planning Poker, Backlog Review, Affinity Estimating, Story Map, Still Stuck- Know More
    • UNIT 9 Release Planning in Agile: Release Planning, Release Planning Process, Still Stuck- Know More
    • UNIT 10 Iteration and Iteration Execution: Iteration Planning, Iteration Execution, Iteration Inspect & Adaption - Demo, Iteration Retrospective, Still Stuck- Know More, Summary Module


Mr.Phalguna Ramaraju