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Course Description

This beginner’s course is designed and delivered for users who are interested in pursuing a career or entrepreneurship in the vast area of Digital Marketing. Users can learn the insights of digital marketing tools and various social media/online platforms to promote products or services. Users can acquire key skills in SEO and SMM post completion of this course.

Recommended For

Users seeking career (or) entrepreneurship



Learning Outcomes
    • Key differences between offline and online marketing.
    • Digital Marketing reach and its importance.
    • Expertise in SEO and SMM.
    • Learn industry-standard tools like Google Adwords, Facebook ads, YouTube marketing, Google Analytics, and SEO optimisation.
    • Be an affiliate marketer/influencer in managing a digital brand.
    • Learn to optimise and make marketing an effective revenue generator.
    • Learn to use content across platforms to effectively communicate your brand’s message and value.
    • Finally, in-depth knowledge in Digital Marketing strategies


    • UNIT 1 Digital Marketing for beginners: Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing and its importance, Types of Digital Marketing, Benefits of Digital Marketing, 4Cs of Digital Marketing, Customers Life Cycle in Digital Marketing, SEO, Crawling, Indexing & Ranking, Types of SEO, Keyword Research, Google Keyword Planner, Google Auto Complete, Google Trends, Moz Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest Wikipedia Reddit Quora, Soovle, On Page SEO, Meta Description, URL Structure, Header Tags, Internal Link, Keyword Usage, Sitemaps, On Page SEO Checklist, Off Page SEO, Link Building, Example to Understand Link Building, Forums, Social Media, Guest Blogging and Commenting, Off Page SEO Summary, SEO Summary, Technical SEO, Website Structure, Page or site speed, Robot txt file, SSL and HTTPS, Google Search Console, Search Engine Marketing, PPC, Google Adwords, Google Ads Hierarchy, Social Media Marketing, Major Social Media Platforms, Best Social Media Marketing Tips, Introduction to Facebook Ads, Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing, Email Marketing Tool, Analyze Your Campaign, Facebook Ad Example, Youtube Marketing


Mr. Manjunath B Kempar ., M.Tech

Manjunath is a postgraduate in engineering with Google certified AdWords and is a Digital Marketing expert. He has over 8 years of experience in the field of online marketing, having worked with several multi-national companies in India. Manjunath is a regular speaker at various workshops and seminars in institutions and corporate houses. He has over 100 workshops and seminars to his credit.