Compiler Design- FREE
    by Mr. G. Rajesh M.Tech

This subject describes the steps and algorithms used by language translators.Also It gives an understanding of the language tranlation peculiarities by designing a complex translator for a mini language.


Recommended For : Computer Science Engineering/Information Technology

After Learning this subject,you should be able to

  • Ability to undestand the the design of a compiler given features of the languages.
  • Ability to implement practical aspects of automata theory.
  • Gain Knowledge of powerful compiler generation tools.

Curriculum 01:45:01   units   |   1

  • 1:45:01

    UNIT 1
    Overview of Compiler: Overview of compiler- part 1, Overview of compiler- part 2, Overview of compiler- part 3, Example for Phases, Regular grammar expressions, Pass & Phases of Translation & Interpretation, Boot Strapping, Context free grammars, Context free grammars part 1, Derivation, Top down parsing, Handling ambiguous grammar, Types of parsing