C Programming - FREE
    by Aravind Kumar N, B.Tech, M.Tech,(PhD)

This course is aimed at advancing concepts of programming and software code organization within the framework of structural and procedural programming paradigms and it is also aimed at the competitive programming and technical interviews . The course is oriented to those who want to advance structured and procedural programming understanding and to improve C programming skills. The major objective is to provide students with understanding of code organization and functional hierarchical decomposition with using primary and complex data types.


Recommended For : Who are interested to learn C Programming

After Learning this subject,you should be able to

  • Crack the solutions of coding competitions and technical interviews.
  • Define and manage data types based on problem subject domain.
  • Work with textual information, characters and strings
  • Work with arrays of complex objects.
  • Understand branching statements, loop statements and use them in problem solving
  • Understand procedural oriented programming using functions and solve large, complex applications.

Curriculum 02:10:36   units   |   1

  • 2:10:26

    UNIT 1
    : Introduction to Programming, Features of C Programming, Structure of C Program, Number Systems, Introduction to Algorithms, Datatypes, Operators, Switch Statement, While Loop, Arrays one dimensional arrays & It's Operations, Introduction to strings, Pointers, Files- Text and Binary files, Declaring a function, Passing parameters to functions, Recursion, Bubble Sort, Merge Sort, Quick Sort