Basics of Engineering Drawing online videos


  • Units 1
  • Duration 01:39:32
  • Branch B.E/B.Tech
  • Language English
Course Description

Engineering drawing being the principle method of communication for engineers, the objective to introduce the students, the techniques of constructing the various types of polygons, curves and scales. The objective is also to visualize and represent the 3D objects in 2D planes with proper dimensioning, scaling etc.

Recommended For

B.Tech 1st year


Learning Outcomes
    • Students should be able to use and the application of drawing instruments and construct the polygons, curves and various types of scales.
    • The student will be able to understand the need to enlarge or reduce the size of objects in representing them.
    • Students should be able to understand orthographic projections and to project the points and lines parallel to one plane and inclined to other.


    • UNIT 1 Topics Covered: Introduction, Scales and Plain Scales, Diagonal Scales, Comparative Scales, Vernier Scales, Scale of Cords, Conic Sections, Conic Sections2 Part-1, Conic Sections2 Part-2, Engineering Curves_1, Engineering Curves_2, Locus, Oscilating & Rotating Link


Mr.Abhinav Kondapalli .,,MBA